Thanks to Murray (MUZ)

With Thanks to Muz, Without Whom This Would Not Be Here

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Triple Clamp

In an earlier post I stated that the top yoke or triple clamp had cracks in it.You can see the crack at the upper side of the triple clamp. There is a crack in the same position on the other side. I have no idea how they got there. I can imagine someone doing one side up too tight, but after cracking it I can't see why they would overtighten the other side. One of the mysteries of motorcycling I suppose.

This came in the mail today.
Brand new old stock, still in the original bag. After fitting this I only have to get the flasher can (on order) and then it's basically roadworthy. I don't want to ride it too much until I get baffles for the exhaust. Unless the bike has been rejetted which I doubt, there is a good chance of it running too lean and damaging the engine. The fuel tap is still leaking. The 'O' ring on the vacuum diaphragm needs replacing however when you get a rebuild kit they don't include the 'O' ring. Seems stupid to me but that's how it is.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


The 380 runs very well and smooth. I thought it was a little noisy and lacked a bit of low down torque. Found the problem, no baffles in the exhaust. Well seeing as baffles are just a bit of pipe with holes I thought they would be cheap. Was I wrong. A set of new ones runs over $350 plus freight. They have to come from overseas so I imagine at least $400.

As I said they are very straightforward things so I'm trying to get the specs and fabricate a set.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

It Goes!!!!

Well I still have a leaking fuel tap, the $40 rebuild kit didn't work. The top triple clamp needs replacing and the blinkers don't work.

BUT It Goes!!!. I have started it several times and got it idling and running. It starts well and runs smoothly, I have taken it out a couple of times and have done 17 miles (the speedo is in MPH) and it runs well. No vibrations and feels good and strong. Well, strong for a 1970's small bike.

I ran up the Tawonga Gap and back. Just taking it easy, this bikes not for riding hard or stupidity just cruising. I did notice that 1972 drum brakes aren't quite as good as modern discs but what do you expect?

I also observed that under acceleration there was a huge quantity of blue smoke behind me. Well I do have the oil pump connected and at the same time I'm running premix so I guess that's ok for the moment. I'd rather have a fouled plug than a seized engine.

I checked the oil pump setting this afternoon......way out, way too much going in. I have set it as per factory now....but it's pouring rain and I'm not going out in the wet. Maybe tomorrow.

I do have a big grin on my face. I need to replace the triple clamp (on order) and the indicator relay and the fuel tap, but who cares? Then a roadworthy and club plates.

I'll get a video and post it in the next few days.